Tuesday 23rd October 2018,
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The Benefits of Both Kinds of Hot and Cold Showers

The Benefits of Both Kinds of Hot and Cold Showers

Working out is a great way to start the day feeling accomplished, and you mind that your workout made you sweat buckets. We don’t talk about how often you ought to be exercising or what kind of exercise is best for you. We are here to talk about is it a smart idea to take a shower after a la vigorous workout?

Generally, it’s natural to jump into a warm shower when you finished a stressed workout. But whether you turn up the heat, cold or hot water can have a major effect on your body. Most people who workout any different types of exercises are going straight to the shower room to fresh up.

A Warm Shower or a Cold One?
Typically, a combination of both is best. The warm water increase the blood flow to your skin, helping the skin glows and alleviates muscle soreness. On the other hand, studies have shown that taking a hot shower can amp up your oxytocin levels and ease anxiety, and prevents delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). To get enough hot water anytime, a best high efficiency tankless water heater produce enough hot water as it’s needed. This type of hot water heater heats water directly without the use of a storage tank, so it won’t take long to take a shower.

You can get into the actual benefits of a cold shower, which is just as good for your body building as a warm one. Following are surprising benefits of cold showers!

1. Cold shower can increase blood circulation which helps flush out toxins in your body.
2. Taking a good cold shower reduces the risk of muscle pain and inflammation that caused by a vigorous workout.
3. A cold shower also narrows the blood vessels, which can help prevent bruising and swelling from waste.
4. Research from Scandinavian found that stay in cold temperatures can increase the metabolic rate of brown fat in your body.
5. If you’re an athlete, then a cold shower is one of the best things you can can do to recover faster.

The best way to utilize the hot and cold water together to kick off your day after exercise because your body will response to the shock of the cold and your heart rate will increase too.

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