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How to Make an Affordable Weightlifting Bench with Simple and Easy-to-Find Materials

How to Make an Affordable Weightlifting Bench with Simple and Easy-to-Find Materials

An easy item to make at home that will employ your miter saw is a weightlifting bench. If you are into athletics and staying in shape, this is a project that will be fun, affordable, and will be very practical for your health-related goals. The absolute best part about this, besides the ability to create it at home using a couple of fencepost studs cut to size with your miter saw happens to be the unbelievable price that you will get away with. In fact, a bench like the one described below, made specifically for those who are into squatting, will cost around thirty dollars from start to finish. How is that possible? Well, the materials are very basic and easy to find at low prices. The concrete will be the most expensive item on the list, and besides that, you don’t really need anything else except for a couple of fencepost studs and a couple of 5-gallon buckets, which can be picked up at your favorite orange-enhanced store for a very affordable price as well.

The process for this is very, very simple. First, you want to pick up your materials, which, as mentioned above, consist of two 4×4’s at about 8-10 feet each, depending on your height. Then, while at the same store, you can pick up a couple bags of fast-setting concrete and a couple of 5-gallon buckets, which certain home-improvement stores are known to carry with their logo brightly on the outside. Now, when you get home, measure out where you would like your barbell to sit height-wise, probably sitting around the height of your shoulders or a little higher. Take your newly-purchased miter saw and stand cut these posts both to the marked height. Do not discard the remaining shorter posts, as we will use these to make the project a bit sturdier. While you have your power saw out, make couple notches on the post that will be at the top of your bench. Make these notches deep and wide enough to accommodate the handles of your barbell. Now, take your buckets out and measure about 5 feet of distance in between them — or however long your barbell is. This measuring step is not super important, as the distance can always be adjusted by simply moving one of the buckets inward or outward. Mix up a bag of concrete in one of the buckets. Now, take one of your long posts and one of your short posts and place them side-by-side inside of the bucket, leaving them to dry in the concrete. Proceed to do the exact same thing with your next bucket and posts. Always make sure that the side of the post with the notch cut into it is the side facing out of the bucket, as the notches are there to hold the barbell. Now, as the concrete has set according to manufacturer specifications, take your barbell and set it on the notches, and there you have it, your project is complete!

Of course, one could choose to make this as aesthetically pleasing as he/she would like, employing tools to smooth the edges of the posts and/or painting both the finished posts and buckets to a uniform color to match any sort of décor in the area in which this weight bench is to go. This may add a slight bit of money to the project, but even then, probably no more than a total of fifty dollars would be spent on the above project!

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