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8 Workouts to Fight the Winter Blues and Keep you Moving

8 Workouts to Fight the Winter Blues and Keep you Moving

For most runners, we have a Type A personality where we imprint into our daily lives a training regime that we dare not veer from. We work hard through the hot Summer months, training diligently for those Fall races. We put in the miles, the time, speedwork, strength training and more. Our Goal Fall races come and we “toe the line” ready to set a new PR. Then, the downtime hits. Holidays, family time, and for many of us the dreaded Winter weather. Being from the South we don’t see a ton of snow and ice that the North gets on a yearly basis so when we actually do, it’s as if the apocalypse has fallen upon us.

I will be the first to say that I am not a huge fan of cold weather but I do LOVE the Snow – I was like a little kid yesterday when it finally started snowing here in South Carolina. I even, GASP, was pumped to go run in the snow for the first time ever. Unfortunately due to still feeling the flu-like symptoms wasn’t able to, but none the less, I wanted to.I have found that the Winter weather has made it hard for me to stick to a good running routine. So I wanted to give you all some other great workouts to Beat those Winter Blues and Keep you Moving!

1. Intervals
Don’t risk injuring yourself when Ice has piled up on the roads. Take your workout inside to the Treadmill, or if you can’t stand the Dreadmill, the Elliptical is a great way to get your heart pumping. The Stair stepper is also a great way to work your glutes and work different muscles. Play around with speed and incline to keep you interested and steer clear of boredom.

2. Just Keep Swimming!
Dig out that swimsuit and hit the pool. You will not only be getting a great feeling of Summer – gotta use your imagination – but you will also be getting in a whole body workout. Since it is a low impact sport you will be strengthening your Breathing technique.

3.Spin it out!
Spin classes have really made great strides in recent years. Real Ryder bikes simulate how an actual bike ride would be minus helmet head! You will be strengthening your Glutes, Calves and Thighs in a different way than running does.

4. Dance!
Try a Barre class. With elements of yoga, Pilates, and weight training this ballet style class helps to lengthen and tone muscles. The moves generally use just bodyweight and the barre but don’t let that fool you, these classes can be extremely challenging especially if it is your first time.

5. Row, Row, Row your Boat!
These machines were always so ancient looking to me but they serve a purpose. The intensity level is up to you because the resistance is created by how hard you push and pull. You are essentially doing a leg press, dead lift and row to get a full body workout.

6. No Gym available – try at home strength Training workouts!
If you want to get in a good Leg workout try this one from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. It is great and is a good challenge that requires just you and your body, no other weights.

7. Get a 6 Pack – Abs that is!
Don’t neglect your core, it supports your body. Try “The 300″ from Courtney of The Petite Athleat. This requires no extra weights and is killer! The first time I did this I was spent.Source: The Petite Athleat

8. Play in the Snow
We had a blast today just playing, running around and building a snowman. Decked out in his Race Medal with an Energybits Smile to boot. Hopefully you will have played so hard you can pass out on the couch like G.If you do decide to get out there and run just make sure you take it slow and easy if there is snow and ice on the ground.

Also make sure to dress warmly enough. Hypothermia and frost bite is serious and it can set it quicker than you would think.

Check out this Chart from Cool Running on how many layers you should wear for different temps. What is your go to workout for the Winter? Do you enjoy cold weather running and what is your favorite piece of clothing?

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